Welcome to STEM Femmes

A global network of girls who are changing the world with Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

About STEM Femmes

STEM Femmes is a global network of young women who are working, studying, or are interested in pursuing careers in science, technology, engineering, and math. As a closed network, it provides a safe space for girls like you and me to swap ideas, talk about obstacles we're facing and share advice, and even help each other with creatively solving homework or work problems! 

What makes STEM Femmes unique?

The best part of STEM Femmes is that as well as giving you all the perks of a tight-knit group of peers and friends, we have weekly interviews with notable women in STEM! These interviews include questions about our fantastically talented interviewees' own personal experiences in post secondary school, obstacles they overcame (due to gender or otherwise), and advice they'd give to young women like you and me. STEM Femmes gives you the opportunity to find a new role model that you can relate to and be inspired by every single week.

Who started STEM Femmes?

Hi! I'm Zoe London Emily Wright, an engineering student and writer from Toronto, Canada. STEM Femmes is originally the name of the project I started in autumn 2017 where I aimed to interview 100 notable women in STEM in order to spread the word about who we as women can look up to in our respective industries, after leaving my first year of engineering frustrated that I felt like I had no role models I really identified with. I realized that I wanted to start sharing my interviews with the world now in order to maximize the positive impact that they can have on young women and girls, and I truly believe that the best way they can be received is by being able to not only be read, but be shared and discussed by likeminded young women. The idea snowballed, and I figured why not create a community that encourages other discussions and debates to be sparked as well as the ones catalyzed by my interviews? Then one thing led to another, and here we are!

While you're here, if you're interested in following my personal life, check out my Instagram here. That's also the best way to reach me if you have any independent questions to ask!

Who can I look forward to interviews from?

I've had the opportunity to interview some fantastic women! So far, you can expect interviews from badass STEM Femmes such as Shirley Tilghman, President emeritus of Princeton University, Sheila Widnall, Air Force Secretary under President Clinton, and Dr. Liz Shpect, founder of the Good Food Institute.